Women’s sports are getting more attention every year, but still, girls drop out of sports two times more than boys.

According to research, 33 % of girls stop practicing sport between the ages of 15 and 24. And that’s a lot compared to just 15 % of boys dropping sports.

Why they drop out?

These are the barriers that may affect girls (these depend partly on their circumstances and stage of life):

  • Girls have fewer possibilities for high school sports than boys
  • Lack of physical education in schools
  • Safety and transit issues
  • Social stigma and a crisis of confidence
  • Lack of positive role models
  • Unfair perceptions and treatments.

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity gives benefits for our body, mind, health, and happiness.

  • It has a significant positive impact on our physical well-being
  • It also has fantastic benefits for our psychological and emotional well-being
  • It can help to develop our social skills

To achieve and secure these benefits, you should commit to a healthy lifetime fitness.

Difference between the sexes?

There are many practical, personal, social, and cultural barriers to participating for women and girls. For example, did you know that an average almost 3.5 hours of a woman’s day is taken up with household work, compared to less than 2 hours for men? Food preparation takes up the bulk of the chores, with cleaning and shopping the next most time-consuming.

While many have similar experiences, not all women are the same. What works for one age group, one community, one ethnic group might not work. However, there are ways to overcome these barriers.

Support for good practice

To reverse this trend, the International School Sports Federation (ISF) offers girls the opportunity to be active as well as discover the world.

She Runs is the first international school event to encourage girls’ health, liberation, and leadership through school sport. The program was developed by the ISF with the support of the European Commission.

An athlete is someone with no limits

Through event such as She Runs, girls can develop skills and attitudes that will be useful through their lives. They will also learn about the impact sport has on health, as with the other advantages of regular physical exercise.

Through this project, the girls will:

  • Engage in physical exercises
  • Acquire new skills
  • Take action in their local areas
  • Increase their engagement with their own School Sport organization

It is crucial to have a base for girls as early as possible to reach gender equality. Schools should provide an encouraging environment in which young ones can improve their personalities and their dreams. Sport is a great tool to help young people grow and open up to the world.

She Runs will give the attention to sport, education, culture, and entrepreneurship for girls all over the world.

Around 80% of young people engage in physical activity at school. There is still room to grow, and that is the best time for girls to be active in sport, as well as social projects.

The event was created to help develop female leadership in media, society, and the business world. The aim is to boost the value of sport for women, along with their right to do so. That is not a granted in every country. Freedom of women is encouraged through sport from the young age.

Sustainability in sports

Sports are becoming more innovative with their sustainable solutions for facilities, equipment, and materials.

Hopefully, we get more sustainable and environmentally responsibility materials in the future, that still enable those architectural innovations in sports stadiums.

She Runs provides this global platform for well-being through sport for young women. It also increases awareness of sustainability in sports, as it is regularly identified as an essential value in surveys for younger generations.

Everything starts at school.
Even sport.