The stress of modern life, bad habits, the time and the way we sit, can generate chronic tension in the diaphragm and in other muscles, such as the psoas that is attached directly to it by the fascia (connecting tissue). It is the only muscle that connects the spine to the legs. It makes us lift our legs, walk and contain the internal organs. It is calling “soul muscle,” the energy center of the body and fundamental to running in balance.

The stronger, more flexible and organized, the better the functionality of bones, muscles, and joints. The psoas stabilizes the body, which saves energy. The movable diaphragm allows breathing freedom and supplies abdominal and cardiorespiratory organs.

Conclusion: If we have a body with good verticality, proper ventilation, and harmony with the environment, we can live the “race” moment, executed by a man from the ancestors, as something natural and harmonious.

When this does not happen, even breathing is not adequate. The diaphragm, for example, the leading actor of breathing, also acts on the correct vertebral stacking and at the same time depends strongly on the vertebral statics. It is the point of balance of the whole body.

The accumulated muscular tensions progressively impede the fluidity of the diaphragmatic movement. Just as every emotion directly influences the respiratory and cardiac rhythm.

Running – Aesthetic Benefits

We all know that running is an excellent exercise if we want to gain health and lose pounds. But besides that, it produces specific changes in our tissues that will make us look better. We tell you some of them:

Radiant Skin

Running, like other aerobic exercises, favors the oxygenation of our skin and the elimination of toxins. It also activates circulation, making the nutrients reach it better.

Therefore, going for a run can usually be as effective as many aesthetic treatments. Of course, do not forget to use sun protection factor and moisturize well. We also know that running reduces stress, which is also reflected in the health of the skin.

Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a problem of the skin and muscles. The lack of toning of these increases the space between them and the surface, favoring these fat deposits. Climbing hills and stairs is a great exercise to combat the famous “orange peel.”

Slender Legs

This is not so, and in fact, running helps to look thinner and slender legs. On the one hand, we lose the fact that we have left and on the other, our muscles tone up, giving a more stylized appearance.

Firm Buttocks

Running is a great exercise to tone your buttocks and keep them firm. If we also include slope exercises and sprints in our training, this effect will be more accentuated.

Firmer Arms

When you run your arms gently swing. This accompanying movement gently tones and helps eliminate the typical sagging under the triceps.

Flat Abdominals

Yes, although it may not seem like it, one of the areas that first lose fat when we start running is typically the abdominal area. If you also supplement it with specific abdominal exercises, you will have a flat and toned belly.

Video – How to improve your running speed and endurance: