Obviously, I am still not the best at remembering to update my blog! Oh well…

This past week was a great one for my half-marathon training! I successfully completed week 5 of the plan, which includes high mileage and lots of running. I am very proud of myself for pushing through and staying on track.

On Monday, I ran 3 miles, then rested on Tuesday. Wednesday was a 5-mile run, then 3 miles on Thursday, and another rest on Friday. My long run for the week was 10 miles on Saturday, which was a great success.

Week 6 looks more challenging, with 4 miles on Monday, a rest on Tuesday, 5 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles on Thursday, and another rest on Friday. Saturday is 11 miles for the long run. After week 6 is completed, I will have two weeks of tapering before the race.

I have come a long way since starting this journey and am so proud of how far I have come.

  • When I started, I could barely run for over a minute without feeling completely exhausted.
  • Now, I can run for miles and miles without needing to stop. The human body is truly unique!

Running is also a great way to make friends and find support. The running community is supportive and encouraging, no matter how fast or slow you may be.

My partner is always there to tell me to get out and run if I’ve been slacking off. A support system is so important, especially when you lack motivation.

And if you need some motivation, here are some motivational and meaningful gift ideas for runners.

If you’ve ever been interested in running, now is the time! It’s challenging but totally worth it in the end. So join the crazy runners, and let’s make this journey together!