Way back in 2015 I started running…for reals…

A lot of people in the world have been blogging about their running endeavors, so I thought that I should too!

Well, actually 2015 I started meeting up with friends 2-3 days a week to walk/run a couple of miles with our kids in the strollers.

We started training more seriously without strollers in 2016, and I started dropping weight.

End of 2016 I had lost over 30 lbs, and I felt the best I had in a very long time.

Then I got plantar fasciitis, stopped running, walked a little bit, and then stopped running for good for 12 months. I tried to pick running a bit here and there.

The thing is…I started getting weight once I stopped running. Didn’t matter if I was doing walks. I just kept getting bigger. I was also getting up super early before I went to work, so I was pretty tired after the workday. Anyway, I was still working out (somewhat), but my body wasn’t responding to it anymore, other than I still kept getting weight. I couldn’t believe this happened.

It took over a year to get rid of plantar fasciitis. I had plantar fasciitis insoles from soulinsole.com, which helped a lot.

My hubby was doing some Crossfit-training a couple of times a week at the local gym. I was so ready for change, so I got along, I just wanted to go.

Squats, a medicine ball, squats with weight, deadlifting, I wish I had marked down what I did so I could see my improvements. It’s marvelous to see what the body can do with a little bit of practice. 6 months and I had made a lifestyle change, and lost 10 lbs. It was hard mentally and physically. And it was only 10 lbs in 6 months… But, I felt slimmer. It was inspiring to see the results that I had been striving for so hard for!

But I still had my runners heart. And I missed the fresh air outside.

So I started to run again. I need to get in better fitness and drop some weight so I can become faster.

When you’re on fire, you know it. Running is all you can think about. But when you’re not on fire? Well, that’s when running is hard.

No one else minds if you skip a run or don’t go as flying as you can, you are only restricting yourself!

So I blog about running in here to give some motivation for me, so that I don’t so easily skip my runs, and can become a stronger runner. And hopefully, I can provide motivation to someone else who is in the same situation along the way.

Thanks for stopping by to read!